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Does your driver have a #1 Club number?

Hertz challenges all travel bookers to make car rental reservations with Hertz during the next six (6) months (1 May - 31 October 2018) … and stand a chance to drive a vehicle, courtesy of Hertz Rent a Car, for a period of 6 months.
  • To gain entry to our Honey Money Car Promotion, Hertz car rental to the value of R50 000 (Time & Kilometres) must be booked per month.
  • The travel booker with the most revenue at the end of the 6 month period, will have the use of a Hertz vehicle (Group B - EXMR) for 6 months (subject to Hertz Terms & Conditions
Rate Options Include:
  • Voucher per booking, per consultant, paid according to rate option selected (as per table below).
  • 10% commission is payable to the TMC on the bundled rate for all reservations made as per the rate codes below.
  • Incentives are payable on closed and posted rentals only.

Rate Description Amount
MTR1 100km Standard Waivers R40
MTR2 200km Standard Waivers R50
MTR3 100km Super Waivers R50
MTR4 200km Super Waivers R60
MTR5 200km Super Waivers +WTW R60
MTR6 100km Super Waivers +WTW R50
MTR7 300km Super Waivers R60

Competition Rules:

  1. Winner must be in possession of a valid driver’s licence.
  2. Winner must request permission from Hertz to travel outside the province in which they work / reside.
  3. Ownership of the vehicle shall, at all times, remain with Hertz.
  4. Notwithstanding clause 4 of the Hertz Terms and Conditions, the winner accepts full liability for any accidents/incidents that may occur while the vehicle is in the winner’s care, including but not limited to claims from third parties.
  5. Hertz reserves the right to retake possession of the vehicle at any time, without notice to the winner, should it become evident that the winner is not using the vehicle for its intended purpose and/or if in the opinion of Hertz, is abusing the vehicle.
  6. At all times, the use of the vehicle shall be subject to Hertz’s Terms and Conditions.
  7. What’s included: One additional driver, 4 500 kms free per month plus one tank of fuel upon taking delivery of the vehicle.
  8. What’s excluded: Liability, Etolls and traffic fine handling fees.


Simply book a Hertz vehicle on your travel client’s behalf and, depending on the value, you’ll be eligible to DIP INTO THE HERTZ HONEY POT and earn yourself some HONEY MONEY.

Complete and submit your details as follows:

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Please Note: Tax
Any personal tax liability in connection with the receipt Hertz Honey Money Vouchers and/or use of this
Travel Agent incentive Program are the responsibility of the Participant
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